Following recent developments with the increased number of cases with the COVID-19 virus and our monitoring of local circumstances and conditions, we have progressed to the next stage of our contingency planning:

Energy Security: 80% expansion in our energy source capacity to provide a corresponding increase in our independent energy sustenance for the facility.

Work From Home (WFH): Escalation from advisory to mandatory; All non-operational critical staff have been mandated to work from home. To enable this, we have given staff increases in data capacity and compensation to allowance for diesel to run their private power generators. All employee access is via VPN conditions in line with ISO 27001 requirements.

Operations Remote Access: Command Centre, Customer Services Support and Operations Support staff have remote access to generators, cooling units monitoring and Building Management Systems. This is essential to enable continued support should staff fall ill.

Operations Staff Protection On-Site: Critical staff on-site are wearing gloves, face masks and protective glasses. This psychologically stops the individual from touching key parts of the face and stops an early infectious individual from passing on my breath. We have on-site accommodation for staff that may have to remain on-site. Given space vacated by staff WFH, Operations staff can now occupy other desks and maintain good desk location separations.

No staff is allowed to travel by public transport with any other passenger on board. Staff must travel by Uber, Bolt, etc.

Customers On-site: In addition to normal monitoring for body temperature for all visitors, sanitizers and frequent sanitising across the facility, customers undertaking equipment installations must wear gloves, protective mask, and protective glasses when installing or accessing their equipment.

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