Avoid logistic headaches with Data Centre Remote Hands at Rack Centre

We provide remote eyes and hands and infrastructure monitoring for assets hosted at Rack Centre, 24x7x365.

Why Data Centre Remote Hands Service?

Rack Centre understands the dynamic nature associated with data centre operations and the need for round the clock support.
Hence, we have designed a service that allows for physical intervention in response to unplanned eventualities.
We have a team of experienced operations engineers and technicians that are available 24 x7 to administer any remote hands service request.
Rack Centre offers remote hands support to clients for all equipment hosted in her state-of-the-art data centre.
A client may request for remote hands service support from Rack Centre out of Business Hours or on days other than a Business Day, our technicians are available 24×7.
The remote hands’ service allows for a swift response and professional handling that ensures timely mitigation and reduction of the impact associated with system failures.
Thus, availing our clients the opportunity of cost savings and leverage to well trained professional engineers.
Rack Centre is dedicated and committed to providing rapid on-site remote hands 24/7 support to maximize uptime, reduce costs and effective troubleshooting to enhance client system’s performance.

Rack Centre’s Remote Hands Service Features Include:

Circuit termination request (Plug and unplug only)
Installation coordination (Onboarding and Decommissioning Only)
Acceptance of shipped customer equipment
Swapping removable media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, USB, etc.)
Restart or power cycle, server/ equipment hard reboot
Visual verification of device status to assist remote troubleshooting efforts
Visual inspection and communicating equipment status including alarms

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