Enjoy Great Performance, User Experience, & Cost Optimisation with Data Centre Peering

Introducing Rack Centre, your reliable network peering location in Nigeria

Rack Centre is host to the leading IXP on the African continent, the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN). With 73+ ASNs and a wide range of local and global networks, enterprise, CDNs, and cloud and content providers, the exchange unlocks access to a population of over 380 million people on the west coast of Africa.

Who Should Peer?

It is ultimately for the end-user trying to access a service or content located in a remote location. This end user is, however, a non-participant in the peering process. Peering is done by ISPs, Carriers, Internet Exchanges, Enterprise, CDNs, Cloud and Content providers, and any other IP enabled network looking to optimise performance and cost.

What Are The Benefits Of Data Centre Peering at Rack Centre?


App performance is accelerated multiple times as networks are able to traverse optimised paths between source and destination.

Cost optimisation

Participating networks are able to optimise transit cost by peering.

Improved user experience

Users of networks that are well peered enjoy better experience.

Carrier Neutrality

The environment is dense with cloud and content providers, enterprise and over 64 carriers and ISPs.

What Clients & Media Are Saying About Rack Centre

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