Get scalable and quick access to major carriers, content, and enterprise networks with our Data Centre Interconnection

Rack Centre is the Leading Carrier Neutral Tier III Data Centre in West Africa with over 64 Carriers

Meet Today’s Digital Demands

Network availability has greatly improved, and attention is now on latency, with low tolerance for slow network performance. Rack Centre has provided an open access, cost efficient, high speed data environment where the infrastructure of local and global businesses are hosted in the same location with those of network service providers, internet exchange points, content delivery networks and cloud.

We enable enterprise-to-enterprise, enterprise-to-carrier, enterprise-to-cloud, carrier-to-carrier, carrier-to-IXP connections without the need for transport networks

Colocating at Rack Centre gives you direct peering with Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) and AF-CIX

Unlimited peering with interconnected members
Achieve high speed data transfer
Flexibility and low latency
Resilient connection to Nigeria and the World!

What Clients & Media Are Saying About Rack Centre

Industries We Serve


Cloud & Content Providers looking to reduce latency issues, unreliability of local hosting infrastructure, complicated and ineffective access to multiple eyeball networks and meet up data sovereignty requirements.


For Telecoms looking to increase opportunities to service multiple customers from a single backhaul or last mile. Reduce distant to content and improve POP availability and reliability.


Outsourcers and Managed Service Providers looking to improve reliability and efficient resiliency of business operations.


Financial Firms looking to meet regulatory statutory compliance and outsource the burden of managing data centre operations to a reliable colocation data centre provider.


Oil & Gas/Energy & Enterprise Firms looking to reduce huge network connectivity spends, prevent ineffective in-house management of IT assets, improve reliability and efficient resiliency of business operations and meet up data sovereignty requirements.


Public Sector looking to reduce the burden of managing data centre operations, Latency issues and Data sovereignty requirements

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