I hope this message meets you and yours well.

At Rack Centre, the safety of my colleagues, our customers and all stakeholders is paramount. Maintaining business continuity and availability is the fundamental tenet of Rack Centre’s business.  To this end, we instigated a Critical Response Team on February 27th to put in place very targeted actions to address the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

On Friday February 13th, I sent a note, included below, which provided an update on our actions, which were also validated against global best practice advisory for our industry.  In light of recent developments locally, we have enhanced our responses to enable longer term business continuity, while maintaining standards of safety to staff, quality of service and safety for our customers who have to visit Rack Centre; also provided in the update below.

I reassure you of our utmost diligence for safety and business continuity, and we are in touch with relevant authorities for action planning and monitoring.

I wish you, your staff and customers the very best in these trying times and pray we get through with minimal impact.

Ayotunde Coker

MD Rack Centre



4TH JUNE 2020

Dear Esteemed Client,

We trust you are keeping safe.

As a follow-up to the Federal government’s directive on the easing of COVID-19 lockdown procedures, please be informed that following a detailed risk and business continuity assessment, we will continue to maintain our standard operating processes previously communicated, including status quo with regards access into the facility.

All access requests will continue to go through the updated standard operating procedure which includes the filling of a health screening form and an Executive concurrence, upon approval, the personnel will be required to put on the PPE as earlier communicated.

We implore you to activate your free remote hand hours for basic 1st level troubleshooting and initial assessment for all incidents. Any visits to the facility will be on an unavoidable basis. 

We will continue to assess the risks based on NCDC updates and engage you periodically.  

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding at this unusual time.  

Please revert if you require additional clarification.  Stay safe!



24TH MARCH 2020

Following recent developments with the increased number of cases with the COVID-19 virus and our monitoring of local circumstances and conditions, we have progressed to the next stage of our contingency planning:

Energy Security: 80% expansion in our energy source capacity to provide corresponding increase in our independent energy sustenance for the facility.

Work From Home (WFH): Escalation from advisory to mandatory; All non-operational critical staff have been mandated to work from home.  To enable this, we have given staff increases in data capacity and compensation to allowance for diesel to run their private power generators.  All employee access is via VPN conditions in line with ISO 27001 requirements.

Operations Remote Access: Command Centre, Customer Services Support and Operations Support staff have remote access to generators, cooling units monitoring and Building Management Systems.  This is essential to enable continued support should staff fall ill.

Operations Staff Protection On-Site: Critical staff on site are wearing gloves, face masks and protective glasses.  This psychologically stops the individual from touching key parts of the face and stops early infectious individual from passing on by breath.  We have on-site accommodation for staff that may have to remain on-site.  Given space vacated by staff WFH, Operations staff can now occupy other desks and maintain good desk location separations.

No staff is allowed to travel by public transport with any other passenger on board. Staff must travel by Uber, Bolt, etc.

Customers On-site: In addition to normal monitoring for body temperature for all visitors, sanitizers and frequent sanitising across the facility, customers undertaking equipment installations must wear gloves, protective mask, and protective glasses when installing or accessing their equipment.




13TH MARCH 2020

In view of the increasing global spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), now upgraded to a pandemic on 11th March 2020 by the World Health Organisation (WHO), we would like to inform you of Rack Centre’s actions to date and into the foreseeable future. We have put in place recommended preventive measures and health practices for all employees, and visitors to the premises.

A Rack Centre COVID-19 Critical Response Team was constituted on 27th February 2020 to define and commence a comprehensive business continuity program to address various scenarios including an unlikely worst-case facility lock-down. In all scenarios, our priority is to continue to provide uninterrupted service and ensure the safety of employees, customers and business partners.

To ensure facility continuity and service delivery during this period, the following measures were immediately put into effect:

  • Prioritisation of health check procedures before access is granted into the facility with temperature check guns for all employees and visitors to the facility.
  • The availability of alcohol-based hand sanitisers at multiple areas, increased cleaning frequency of all offices and access points using more cleaning and sanitising products, multiple cleaning and sanitising of door handles, surfaces and push bars.
  • Regular assessment of local conditions as communicated by authorities and engagement of key staff to ensure seamless engagement with local authorities, should that be required.
  • Regular communication on preventive health and lifestyle tips to staff, with a directive to stop hand shaking, and maintaining physical separation. All non-critical travel stopped.
  • Identification of all critical resources and routine maintenance schedules while prioritising critical services to allocate appropriate personnel if staff availability is impacted.
  • Work-from-home access has been further tested for secure remote-hands capabilities for critical staff while ensuring the high-level security provisioning.
  • Identification and engagement with all critical contractors and partners in the supply chain to ensure end-to-end readiness and coordination, increase of all critical spares, and secured supply chain of delivery of fuel to the facility. Ensure fuel availability to full capacity.
  • Our critical response plan includes the preparation of isolation areas in the event of a lock-down scenario, including stocks special outfits for staff and suppliers should that be required.

We continue to closely monitor local and global developments and advisory, and we modify our critical response activities as new insights are provided. We thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to monitor the impact and challenges of the COVID-19 situation, we will review and share updates as we progress.


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