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About SmartCiti Cloud Solutions

SmartCiti™ Fiber is the Fiber-To-The-Home internet service by Smart City Technology Company Ltd

At SmartCiti, we strongly believe in 2 things:

  1. Internet access should never be capped
  2. Any internet service should be realiable

These 2 reasons are why we only provide truly unlimited internet plans with no secret data caps, and why we deploy fiber optics cables, because it is the best way to guarantee a reliable connection 24/7 365

Our Technology

Advanced GPON Network

Smartciti provides her customers with a world-class Fiber-To-The-Home service.

Customers get a fiber optics cable installed directly into their home or office

Why Fiber Optics is the best option?

  • Signal does not degrade over long distances
  • Zero interference
  • World's fastest internet technology
  • Future-proof technology
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