Accelerate performance by localising domestic traffic
through the IXPN hosted at Rack Centre

We are excited to give you Free Cross-Connect into the Rack Centre’s Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) for a very limited time.

The IXPN provides access to contents or services that are delivered locally, which otherwise would require transit to consume. This dramatically accelerates performance and optimises cost for the local internet ecosystem.

Advantages of Rack Centre’s Cross Connect

Reduced Latency

Slow connections are generally a by-product of distance because it takes data time to travel from one end of a network to another and back again. Rack Centre’s Cross-Connect helps your company avoid the distance problem altogether.

Better Security

Another major benefit of cross-connect data centre solution is the fact that their point-to-point nature bypasses the public internet entirely.

Superior Reliability

System downtime of any kind can be devastating for an organization. With cross-connect cables in place, only the strongest points of the network need to be accounted for.

Connectivity Options

While internet-based services have greatly expanded over the past decade, not all services are provided through every internet provider.

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Rack Centre is the first and only truly carrier neutral state-of-the-art Tier III Constructed Facility Certified data centre in Africa offering colocation, content distribution, interconnect and Cloud services. The most connected Tier III constructed facility certified in Africa; it features connection to over 35 of the major carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Nigeria, Tier 1 networks, pan Africa international carriers, and direct connection to all 5 undersea cables serving the South Atlantic Coast of Africa; every country on the Atlantic coast of Africa is directly connected to Rack Centre.